Storage Tips

Appliances/Equipment Storage Tips

  • Keep the refrigerator/freezer door slightly ajar.
  • Place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator.
  • Clean your refrigerator/freezer out thoroughly.
  • Any moisture left in these items will cause mildew and damage your items.

Books/Important Documents Storage

  • Small/File boxes are best for these items
  • Label the box to keep track of your documents.
  • Remember you are going to carry these boxes, don’t over pack.
  • Place boxes on top of pallets with plastic between the box and the pallet.


  • Items such as dishes, glasses, crystal, are best protected when packed in a dish pack box.
  • Mark the box “fragile” to take better care when moving.


  • Use wardrobe boxes.
  • Inside the wardrobe box, wrap plastic cover around clothing.


  • Lay down plastic tarp between furniture and floor of the storage unit.
  • To economize, consider disassembling your furniture, if possible.
  • Protect your furniture by covering. Wrap table legs for scratch protection.
  • Stack chairs.
  • Use dresser drawers to store small items.
  • Use inside of cabinets to store small items.

Metal and Mechanical Items

  • Drop a few drops of lubricant on items such as tools, bicycles, and rims.
  • This will protect against rust and keep moving parts lubricated.

Vehicle Storage Tips

  • Save your battery – disconnect it!